Events in Gubbio

festa dei Ceri

Every 15th of May, the day before Sant'Ubaldo patron day, the town is dressed with colours and joy to host the characteristical "Corsa dei Ceri". The Ceri are three tall wooden machines, fixed on barrows and composed by two octagonal prisms that end with the statues of the three Saints: Sant'Ubaldo, San Giorgio and Sant'Antonio.

In the morning in Piazza Grande, at noon, takes place the 'alzata' dei Ceri (heave of the Ceri), followed by three turns of the square made by the "ceraioli" (supporters of the different Saints) that carry on the shoulder, while they run, the three wooden machines. In the afternoon the race "corsa" is animated in the streets of the town until they arrive to the Sant’Ubaldo's basilica , that lies on the Mount Ingino. The festival is probably referable to ancient pagan rites but only its christian and celebrative character in the honour of Sant’Ubaldo is historically proved by documents.


The Crossbow Palio, is a tournament with the crossbow dating from the 12th century. The show is held the last Sunday of May between the crossbowman circles of Gubbio and San Sepolcro.The winner is awarded with the "Palio" that is a standard or cloth "beautiful and good cloth".When the tournament has ended the town till the evening celebrates recreating the atmosphere of the medieval culture.

The 14th of August, of each year, in Piazza Grande, in the wake of the Palio the town prepares the folkloristic show of "Torneo dei Quartieri". A tournament of crossbow shooting where in this case the challengers are the crossbowmen of the four town Quarters: San Martino, San Giuliano, San Pietro and Sant’Andrea.At the end of the tournament are following shows of gastronomical and musical character in the squares of the four quarters.

The highest Christmas tree of the world

Every 7th of December, on the slopes of Mount Ingino the Christmas tree of Gubbio is turned on. The huge dimensions have allowed the entrance in 1991 in the Guinness World records book as the highest Christmas tree of the world.

Others Events in Gubbio

August - Gubbio no borders - Italian Jazz Festival

August - "Luigi Fagioli" Trophy - international mountain speed race

End October/first days of November - Market Fair of the White Truffle and the agroindustrial products