Taverna del Lupo

Address:Via Ansidei, 21 06024 - Gubbio (Pg)Phone: +39 075 9274368 Fax: +39 075 9271269 Email: info@tavernadellupo.itWeb site: www.tavernadellupo.it

To catch as a first fruit gourmet: "La taverna del lupo", is a restaurant that was born in the heart of the old town of Gubbio by an idea of the Mencarelli Family, that from over thirty years follows with passion and care the management of one of the best Umbrian restaurants.The medieval palace where the restaurant is located and the period furnitures makes this restaurant a very elegant and exclusive place.

The Chef Claudio Ramacci proposes dishes inspired by the local cuisine tradition, where the protagonist is the truffle, together with the home-made pasta and other Umbrian delicacies. It's possible to visit the winery where vintage wines get older.