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In the splendid setting of the town of Gubbio, just a few steps away from the Hotel, we offer you the specialties of the eugubin gastronomic tradition through three famous restaurants. In all three restaurants you can use half board or full board.

Officina dei Sapori

Multisensory journey in the heart of goodness

A multisensory journey in the heart of goodness, a new kitchen that chooses quality raw materials, redefining the tradition of the territory.

In the heart of the San Martino district, Officina dei Sapori is a corner of true charm, where everything is kept in the slightest detail. Beginning with the decoration that makes it ideal for romantic dinners or even more varied evenings, and continuing with the menu, the result of a scrupulous choice draws its attention to the tradition and seasonality of the products. To welcome you will be a young and professional staff.


Officina dei Sapori

  • Via dei Consoli 13
  • 06024 Gubbio (Pg)
  • +39 075 927 1424
  • Officina dei Sapori

Taverna del Lupo


To be taken up as a gourmet place: “Taverna del Lupo”, a restaurant that is born in the heart of the historic center of Gubbio from an idea of the Mencarelli Family, which for more than thirty years has followed passionately and cares about managing one of the best restaurants Umbria. The medieval palace that houses the restaurant and the period furniture make it an extremely elegant and exclusive place.

Chef Claudio Ramacci offers dishes inspired by the tradition of local cuisine, featuring truffles, in addition to homemade pasta and other Umbrian delicacies. It is possible to visit the wine cellar where vintage wines grow old.


Taverna del Lupo

  • Via Ansidei 21
  • 06024 Gubbio (Pg)
  • +39 075 927 4368
  • Taverna del Lupo




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